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Being a Leader: How to lead - Looking at leadership styles?

This Webinar Costs: R170
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Date & Time: 2017-04-12 21:00 (WAT)
Duration: 60 Minutes

Coaching and Managing is a leadership exercise. As a manager or coach you work with people. Regardless of the sport, type of work or the number of people you are working with, you have to apply certain principles to get the most of your people. It is a proven fact that winning teams are a result of leadership: Leadership from the coach/managers, Leadership from peers, and Leadership from self. Being a Leader has been developed with those three levels in mind. Although it focusses on the leadership as a coach/manager, it will also teach you how to raise up leaders in a team and how to empower each individual to become a leader of his/her own life. This 4-part webinar module deals with you as the as a leader. It will enable you to become a leader in your own life and form an understanding of what is required from you as coach or manager.

Course Details
In this LEADERSHIP FOR WITH IN: Being a Leader webinar series we will be learning and Understanding how: To form a clear understanding of Leadership; To ensure that each participant understands the trade-off between control and empowerment, and understands the impact this has on a team; To enable the participant to make a few important choices about his/her own life that determines character; To allow the participant the opportunity to formulate a vision and value system relating to his/her personal leadership; To impart a few principles of Leadership that enables us to lead more effectively; and To allow the participant to critically evaluate themselves and their leadership against these different principles. Knowledge Assumed to be in place: Reading English Language, Ability to listen and a positive attitude. Assessment Method: Online Written Assessment at the end of the webinar series.

The Presenter
Anton Venter

Anton Venter is a Seed Sower. He plants the seeds of Leadership and Character in people's lives. His ministry has impacted more than 3000 people over the past 10 years. A renowned public speaker, Anton has an Honours Degree in Leadership, 25 years training experience and a passion for developing people.

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Being a Leader: How to lead - Looking at leadership styles?
Being a Leader: How to lead - Looking at leadership styles?
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