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Introduction to YOUR cost of being in business

This Webinar Costs: R110

Date & Time: 2017-04-10 14:00 (WAT)
Duration: 60 Minutes

Are you an owner of a service business or are your thinking about going into the service business? Do you want your service technicians or administration staff have a better understanding of the cost of your business? Then this webinar session "Introduction to YOUR cost of being in business" is a must!

Course Details
In this Course we will be learning and understanding your true cost of being in service run business and how much your service (labour rate) should actually be. A 1 PIRB continuous professional development (CPD) point allocation will be issued subject to you completing and passing the online assessment post each webinar. Knowledge Assumed to be in place: Basic understanding of Maths; Reading English Language, Ability to listen and a positive attitude. Assessment Method: Online Written Assessment after each session.

The Presenter
Steve Brown

Steve Brown is the IOPSA National Operations Manager with over 40 years of Plumbing knowledge, having traded within the Insurance, Maintenance and Construction Sectors.

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Introduction To Your Cost Of Being In Business
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    Introduction to YOUR cost of being in business
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